The Acceleration War

The Acceleration war was a period of heightened political conflict between Ruk factions fought from the late 18th to late 19th century. The conflict was fought over the nascent industrial revolution’ and different factions desires to accelerate, slow or otherwise influence humanities technological development.

While the conflict was global, the United Kingdom, being at the forefront of industry was a particular focus. It was notable because multiple factions utilized masonic societies, spiritualist groups and occult lodges as front organisation , recruiting quickened members and supplying cypher and the occasional inapposite gate shifted Ruk artifact to give the illusion of magical power.

The war petered out as Earths industry and science progressed to the point beyond any factions ability to influence significantly enough for the conflict to be worth the effort.

The actions of Karum agents within the thule gesellschaft where not properly part of this conflict but did use tactics and methods devised during it.

The Hellfire Club was founded by Earth originating re cursors who where caught up in the war.

The Acceleration War

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