~11 billion years ago. Precursors establish Dark Energy Network to allow FTL travel and prevent ‘the big crunch’

~ 11 Billion and 4 Billion years ago. Dark Energy Network undergoes catastrophic collapse, where as the result of gradual negligence, war or even fundamental design flaw. Freed from its original design constraints the D.E.N becomes The Strange

~ Unknown point post collapse. Entities and individuals begin to inhabit the strange, either from the Prime matter universe or from evoloution withing the strange itself.

~ Unknown point post collapse. Organisms that prey on Prime Matter universe worlds develop in the Strange, They can only access worlds that ‘ping’ the remnant structure of the D.E.N resulting in a continuous cull of technologically advanced civilizations

~ 3.4 Billion Years ago The Aelph Component impacts on Earth, causing formation of the moon.

~ Unknown time post Aelph Component. Ruk arrives at the shoals of Earth

1795 – 1887 The Acceleration War is fought between Ruk factions in continental Europe, it becomes focused on Great Britain as the industrial revolution bloomed.

1872. Most modern iteration of the Hellfire Clubfounded.

1918 Thule gesellschaft Founded

1940 Joshua Stanforth becomes quickened after confronting Thule agents armed with cyphers during the Fall of France

1941 Project Stopwatch formed as a subdivision of the S.O.E to counter Thule society activity and other Strange threats.

1945 Germany defeated, Stopwatch remains active and folded into a subbranch of the War ministry

1952 Project Stopwatch suspended

2004. University of Washington Quantum Breach, formation of Ardreyn

2007 ‘The Werewolf of Porton Down’ Delivery of a live werewolf to the ’Novel Biological Hazard Analysis Team at Porton Down results in the formation of the Special Circumstances Study Group

2007 Stopwatch reactivated by factions unknown within the British Government.

2009 Attrition among non-quickened operatives leads to the decision to an active campaign to recruit quickened civilians into Stopwatch

2011. SCSG and Stopwatch become aware of each others existence. Relations swing constantly between conflict and co-operation

2013. SCSG and OSR become aware of each other

2014. Team Echo formed of (insert PC names here) and sent to reactivate recently located war era Stopwatch field office.


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