Rita Chow

Stealthy Vector

Might 11 (Might Edge 1)
Speed 16 (Speed Edge 1)
Intellect 9 (Intellect Edge 0)
Effort 1
Current focus Who infiltrates *
  • under review


balancing Trained Vector
Climbing. Trained Vector counts specialised with steals focus
Practiced with all weapons No penalty Vector
Stealth tasks Trained ounts specialised with steals focus
Lies and Trickery interactions Trained Descriptor
Special abilities involving illusions or trickery Trained Descriptor
Inability not fast: all movement based tasks is 1 step higher. Descriptor
lockpicking Trained Steals focus

Descriptor Abilities

Skills Stealth related skills, see skill list
Quick +2 Speed pool
Inability:notfast see skill list
Speed Defense Trained No armour only Vector

Translation p26

Focus Abilities

Ability Tier Cost Effect
Second story skill 0 see skill list
fence contacs who will buy and sell


Moves tier Cost Ability
Fleet of foot 1 (succeed @ diff 2 speed roll to run + take action)
No need for weapons 1 (choose unarmed as if using light or med weapon) Minor effect: opponent is stunned by moves, it is dazed (all tasks -1)
Equipment: clothing, light armour, 1 weapon, bag of light tools, smartphone, money.

Cyphers: 2


Grew up in Ringling’s circus, where she worked as a contortionist from an early age, trained by and performing with her mother. She never knew her father, and mother wouldn’t talk about him. As she grew, she discovered that the moves she could make were not humanly possible. Her ability to access small places brought her to the notice of the authorities, and she has helped on several covert missions where her unique talents were needed. During this time she has also received combat and firearms trainings. Now she has been moved to Project Stopwatch.

Rita Chow

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