Dr. Rowan Morgan

Spiritual Spinner who Leads

Might 9 (Might Edge 0)
Speed 12 (Speed Edge 1)
Intellect 15 (Intellect Edge 1)
Effort 1
Current Focus Leads


Pleasant social interactions Trained Descriptor Counts as specialised due to ‘leads focus’
Resisting Temptation. Trained Descriptor
Practiced Medium/Light weapons No penalty Spinner
Inability: initiative +initiative difficulties Descriptor
Persuasion Trained Spinner counts as specialized due to leads focus

Descriptor Abilities Spiritual

Likable trained in all tasks related to pleasant social interaction
Resisting temptation skill and defense bonus
Inability initiative See skills
Meditative +2 Intellect pools

Focus Abilities

Focus: Who Leads : Earth

Ability Tier Cost Effect
Natural Charisma 1 0 Trained in all social interactions
Good Advice 1 1 intellect can advise someone so that they act as trained.
Revisions Tier Cost
Fast Talk 1 1 intellect points) Convince creature to take 1 action next turn
Spin Identity 1 2+ intellect points) convince all intelligent creatures who can see that I am someone other than who I am)

Very nice clothing Computer of my choice VW van £1,500
Effort: 1


Dr. Rowan Morgan

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